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*New Qualifying Income for Franklin County*

Senior Citizens/ People with Disabilities Property Tax Exemption Program

Franklin County is happy to assist those who meet the qualifying age, income, and/or disability status requirements, in receiving a reduction on their property taxes. 

As of August 1st, 2023, the combined disposable income threshold with adjustments for Franklin County has increased to $61,000. Approved applicants would receive a reduction on taxes payable in 2024.

The property tax exemption program benefits you in two ways. First, it reduces the amount of property taxes you are responsible for paying. You will not pay excess levies or Part 2 of the state school levy. In addition, depending on your income, you may not need to pay a portion of the regular levies. Second, it freezes the taxable value of the residence the first year you qualify. This means that the levies you pay will be based on the frozen value not the market value.

By December 31 of the assessment year, applicants must:

  • Be at least 61 years of age, or
  • Be unable to work because of a disability, or
  • Be a disabled veteran with a service-connected evaluation of at least 80%, or receiving compensation from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at the 100% rate for a service-connected disability, or
  • And occupy their primary residence for more than six months. You may continue to qualify even if you spend time in a hospital, nursing home, boarding home, adult family home, or home of a relative. A residence used as a vacation home is not eligible.  

In order to apply, please call our office during regular business hours (8:30am to 5:00pm), for a pre-qualification interview. Our office phone number is 509-545-3506.

Applicants must have their 1040 Tax Return in front of them. If you are no longer required to file a tax return, please have ALL income documents available.

If it is established that you qualify for the program, we will schedule you an appointment to come into our office to complete the application process. All income documents will need to be provided at the appointment, as well as any other documentation our office deems necessary to complete your application.

Welcome to the Franklin County Assessor's Office

Our goal in the Franklin County Assessor's Office is to provide you with exceptional service in a caring, courteous and respectful manner, in accordance with our Core Values. The Assessor's website is designed with the goal in mind to serve your needs and answer as many of your questions as we can anticipate.

The Assessor's Office does not establish the dollar amount of taxes required nor do we bill or collect taxes. Taxpayers, State limitations and each district's assessed value determines the tax rate for each district. The County Treasurer bills and collects the required tax.

It is the responsibility of the Assessor's Office to ensure that all property owners are treated fairly and impartially in accordance with our state laws. It is the goal of the Assessor's Office to provide superior service to our community and residents to continually demonstrate fairness, honesty, and integrity in everything we do.


FAIR – Ethics of absolute fairness, honesty, and integrity, guide everything we do. Our actions match our words. We balance the expectations, and earn the trust of our community, its residents and fellow employees.

CARING – We ensure that every human interaction is caring, courteous, and respectful. We expect our employees’ decisions and interactions be carried out in a way that allows all involved to maintain dignity. We speak candidly and listen openly. We value and respect diversity of background, thought, and style. We know everyone in our workplace and community can potentially contribute diverse ideas, and we actively pursue such knowledge.

HUMAN – We are positive, energetic, and committed to achieving our objectives and living our values. We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. We keep our egos in check and maintain a sense of humor. We believe in the power of talented, committed individuals – working as a T.E.A.M – to make an extraordinary difference.

DYNAMIC – We are never satisfied with the status quo and know that we must continually reinvent our team and ourselves. We break down silos and bureaucracies in order to serve our community and residents efficiently. We continuously drive operational excellence to innovate our processes and services.

DRIVEN – We are committed to excellence and the achievement of superior long-term service to our community and residents. We set high, measurable goals and hold ourselves accountable to achieve them. We benchmark from our community and residents’ viewpoints, while yet adhering to all applicable laws. We look both within and outside our industry to learn.

Mission Statement

The Franklin County Assessor's Office and staff have a primary responsibility to maintain the property assessment system in a way that is equitable, fair, and uniform to all citizens of Franklin County and meets all constitutional and statutory requirements.

Our Mission is to perform those duties to the highest ethical standards of fairness, honesty, and integrity, ensuring that every interaction is caring, courteous, respectful, and dignified.

We are committed to excellence and the achievement of superior long-term service to our community and residents.

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The Franklin County Assessor's Office will mail Real Property Change of Value Notices in June each year. Tax statements will be mailed by the Treasurer's Office in February of each year.

RCW 84.40.020 requires all real property to be valued as of January 1st of each year for taxes payable the following year. The value notice you receive in the summer will be based on the previous year's market data, which may or may not indicate an impact from prior years' economic conditions. If you want more information, please contact us.