BLM Contract, Off-Road Education & Enforcement

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has a contract with the Bureau of Land Management to educate and enforce off-road vehicle laws at the Juniper Dunes area.

The Juniper Forest Management Area is composed of three distinct land designations. Approximately 7,100 acres of the area were designated as the Juniper Dunes Wilderness in 1984. An off-highway vehicle (OHV) area adjacent to the Wilderness area consists of approximately 4,400 acres designated "Open" to OHV use. There are approximately 8,100 acres designated for "Limited" OHV use within an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), meaning OHV use is limited to designated roads and trails. The ACEC was created to protect natural values and sensitive species, including the ferruginous hawk and to serve as a noise buffer for adjacent farm land and wilderness.

Please note: Safety flags on whip masts are required for all off-road vehicles in the Juniper Dunes area. No burning pallets.

For more information, see the Juniper Dunes, Bureau of Land Management website.


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