Fee Schedule

Jury Demand$125
Summons and Complaint$83.00 ($100,000 limit)
Anti Harassment$83
Name Changes$93 (Includes 2 certified copies)
Impound Hearing$83
Appeal Record Preparation$40
Small Claims$50 ($10,000 if an individual files, $5,000 if a business files)
Supplemental Proceedings$20
Transcript of Judgment$20
Writ of Garnishment$12
Ex Parte Fee$10 (Judgments and Judicial Subpoenas)
Copy of Hearing on CD$20 per CD
Certified Copy$5
Photo Copies$.50 per page

Senate House Bill 1854 allows the court to assess a reasonable payment plan administrative fee. This fee will be assessed when a traffic infraction is set up on a payment plan.

  • If this is your only citation on a time pay plan the fee will be $10.
  • If you are setting up two infractions at the same time the fee will be $25.

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