Therapeutic Courts

Franklin County Therapeutic Courts includes a Mental Health Court and a Recovery Court, both at the District Court level. These courts are voluntary, specialized, treatment-oriented, and reframe the traditional legal process. There is an emphasis on accountability and intensive monitoring. These courts are for defendants charged with misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, or felony charge reductions in Franklin County which were a direct result of substance use or mental health issues. Mental Health Court and Recovery Court are 12-24-month programs that exist to provide treatment, access to resources, support, and rehabilitation.

Participants are required to participate in treatment, perform community service, make regular court appearances, meet with their case manager frequently, and are monitored closely for program compliance. The Therapeutic Courts team works collaboratively with community providers to better support each participant in reaching their goals.

Referrals are being accepted on an on-going basis. Referrals should be faxed or emailed to the Therapeutic Courts (contact information listed on this page). Referral packets will also be available in Franklin County’s District Court courtroom and can be delivered to the District Court window. All referrals will be screened for eligibility. If legally eligible, the defendant will be contacted by the Therapeutic Courts Coordinator to schedule a screening appointment. The Therapeutic Courts team will then make an admission determination, informing the defendant and their attorney of the outcome.

To be eligible for Mental Health Court an individual’s primary diagnosis should be a severe and persistent mental health disorder. To be eligible for Recovery Court an individual’s primary diagnosis should be a substance use disorder.

Charges that would make an individual ineligible for Therapeutic Courts per RCW 2.30.030 include:

  • Individuals who are currently charged or who have been previously convicted of a serious violent offense or sex offense as defined in RCW 9.94A.030.
  • Individuals who are currently charged with an offense alleging intentional discharge, threat to discharge, or attempt to discharge a firearm in furtherance of the offense.
  • Individuals who are currently charged with or who have been previously convicted of vehicular homicide or an equivalent out-of- state offense.
  • Individuals who are currently charged with or who have been previously convicted of: An offense alleging substantial bodily harm or great bodily harm as defined in RCW 9A.04.110, or death of another person.

This is not an exclusive list of exclusionary criteria. Please review the participant handbook or contact a member of the Therapeutic Courts team for more information.

Documents for Prospective Participants

Referral Packet (PDF)
Eligibility Criteria (PDF)
Mental Health Court Participant Handbook (PDF)
Recovery Court Participant Handbook (PDF)

Documents for Admitted Participants

Change in Contact Information Form (PDF)
Travel Request Form (PDF)
Community Service Timesheet (PDF)
Volunteer Opportunities (PDF)
Appointment Log (PDF)