Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Program

Franklin County District Court offers Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Groups in both Spanish and English. We welcome referrals from anyone within the community such as treatment agencies or court referrals on behalf of clients. Referred clients do not have to be court involved to participate. MRT is an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral treatment program that follows a step-by-step treatment strategy. MRT enhances moral reasoning and improves conscious decision making. It also helps improve an individual’s self-image, increase feelings of purpose in life, build healthier relationships, and encourage the growth of a healthy identity. 

MRT is effective for a variety of populations and presenting issues, with research showing that MRT reduces recidivism rates for those involved in the criminal justice system. Please visit the Correctional Counseling, Inc. website for additional information on MRT and the research behind its effectiveness. 

MRT involves 16 steps, referred to as the Freedom Ladder:

Step 1: Honesty
Step 2: Trust
Step 3: Acceptance
Step 4: Awareness
Step 5: Healing Damaged Relationships
Step 6: Helping Others
Step 7: Long-Term Goals and Identity
Step 8: Short-Term Goals and Consistency
Step 9: Commitment to Change
Step 10: Maintain Positive Change
Step 11: Keeping Moral Commitments
Step 12: Choosing Moral Goals

  • After passing Step 12 an individual is considered a graduate of MRT and can choose to work on the following steps on their own or continue in group

Steps 13-16:Evaluating the Relationship Between one’s Inner Self and Personality

MRT requires homework outside of group which includes but is not limited to reading, writing/drawing assignments, and self-reflection. You will then share your work with the group or individually with the facilitator, depending on the specific step you’re working on completing. All MRT groups are open-ended which means that new participants can enter a group at any time. Group members support each other in progressing through the steps and the group setting provides an opportunity for participants to learn from each other. 

Questions and Referrals: Please contact Alyssa Pearce with Franklin County District Court at 509-542-5929 or

Prior to beginning group, you will need to report to the District Court office to pay the program fee, sign the participant agreement outlining the rules/expectations of the program, and receive your MRT workbook How to Escape your Prison which will be utilized for the entirety of the program.


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Information Sheet (PDF)
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Participant Agreement (PDF)