What if I want the ticket to stay off my driving record?

Rather than go through a hearing, the court has a policy allowing you to have your charge deferred (continued for a period and dismissed if you comply with certain requirements) in certain circumstances. A deferral may be available if you have not had an infraction deferred for seven years. If you wish to avoid a trial and have your charges deferred, you must request a deferral of the infraction rather than having a hearing. If the deferral is granted, you will be required to pay the penalty imposed of $200; may not have any driving offenses for the period of the deferral; and, if at the end of that deferral period you have complied with the requirements, the charges will be dismissed and not be on your driving record. If on the other hand, you receive another ticket, the charge will become a "committed infraction" on your record and you will have to face the consequences of the new infraction as well. Also, you will not be able to use the deferral right again for 7 years since a deferral is available only every 7 years. If you choose to use the deferral, you will not be required to return to court at the end of the period; the clerk will check your driving record and enter it as a "dismissal" or "committed" depending on the results of the record check.

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