Why do you grade or pull shoulders?

Paved Roads

  • This action cleans the ditch line of vegetation that helps control runoff.
  • By pulling the material to the edge of the roadway, it helps prevent the asphalt edge from breaking off.

Gravel Roads

  • Cleans the front slope and bottom of ditch of vegetation to aid in drainage.
  • Puts fines back into gravel that helps bind up gravel to make a more stable roadbed.

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1. I live on or near a gravel county road, which is very dusty at times. I was wondering why the county does not apply some kind of product that will stop some of the dust?
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3. Why are you chip sealing brand new asphalt?
4. Why are you blading my road when it is so dry?
5. Why does it take so long for my road to have the snow plowed from it?
6. Why do you grade or pull shoulders?