Franklin County GIS

Welcome to the GIS Portal of Franklin County, a member of the Franklin County Regional Information System (FRIS), which includes these agencies:

  • Franklin County Public Works
  • Franklin Public Utility District
  • South Columbia Basin Irrigation District

All maps include tools to search an address or place name, show a legend of features, change background imagery ("Basemap Gallery"), show an Overview map, show measurements or latitude & longitude, and share or print a map screenshot.

Franklin County Base Map
A standard base map which includes terrain, parcels, roads, addresses, waterbodies, city boundaries, and townships and sections.


Franklin County Planning Map
A map that includes information related to planning and building, such as zoning and urban growth areas.


Franklin County Districts
A map that includes city and county boundaries, taxing districts, and voting precincts, along with parcels for location reference.


Franklin County Public Works
A map from the Public Works department showing roads, bridges, and road delays or closures.


South Columbia Basin Irrigation District
A map of the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District (SCBID) boundaries and facilities, including main canals, drains, right-of-ways, and contract areas.



All information depicted herein is provided as is by the Franklin County Regional Information System (FRIS), with no expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of information usability, accuracy, or suitability. FRIS is a group of agencies in the county that includes Franklin County GIS and Public Works, Franklin Public Utility District #1, and South Columbia Basin Irrigation District. Neither FRIS nor any member agency shall be liable for any errors within or implied by the provided information.