Long Range

The Franklin County Planning Department is responsible for administering a variety of long range planning issues affecting Franklin County. These services include the implementation and maintenance of the County's Comprehensive Growth Management Plan that provides a long-term vision and consistency for local development and infrastructure programs (current planning). Other services provided include the:

  • Implementation and maintenance of the County's Development Regulations (zoning and subdivision)
  • Shoreline Master Program, SEPA determinations, and Regulatory Reform (streamlining)
  • Preparation of special land use studies of concern
  • Maintaining vital demographic and physical information data

Additionally, the Planning Department provides support services to other departments/agencies, monitors various regional agencies and programs, and develops special projects in response to County Commissioner, County Administrator and Planning Commission direction.

The following is a list of Long Range Planning projects and/or issues that have been developed, implemented and maintained for consistency with local development and infrastructure programs. These projects/issues require continuous review, analysis and possible updating by the Planning Department/Commission:

  • Comprehensive Growth Management Plan (map and text)
  • Zoning Ordinance
  • Subdivision Ordinance (long and short plat)
  • Shoreline Master Program
  • Critical Area Ordinance
  • SEPA - State Environmental Policy Act Rule Amendments
  • Regulatory Reform (streamlining)
  • GMA/SMA Integration