Personal Property

The personal property Distraint sales are held as needed at the Franklin County Courthouse, Board of Commissioners Meeting Room. Periodically Distraint Sales can also occur at the location from which the property was Distrained.

An updated list of the personal properties in Distraint will be available on this web page at least 30 days prior to a sale. We also advertise in the Franklin County Graphic at least 15 days prior to a sale. The advertisement will include a list of Mobile Homes or other personal property still in Distraint and public notice of the sale date, time and place.

The Distraint sale is open for public bidding. There are no written (sealed) bids allowed. You may have someone bid on your behalf, but they must be present. All persons interested in being listed on a Mobile Home title need to be present immediately following the sale.

The opening minimum bid for Distraint parcels will cover the amount of taxes owing plus interest, penalties and costs that have accrued. The highest bidder will need to pay the full bid amount immediately following the sale.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Franklin County Treasurer's Office at 509-545-3518.