How can citizens appeal the assessed value of their property to the Franklin County Board of Equalization?

The only way to appeal an Assessor's valuation of property is by filing a complete appeal petition in a timely manner with the Board of Equalization. There is no fee charged for filing an appeal. The prescribed appeal petition form must be used. A letter or phone call is not acceptable as a substitute for the petition form.

The petition must be filed with the Board of Equalization at the address:

Board of Equalization
Franklin County
1016 N. 4th Avenue, Room A102
Pasco, WA 99301

Petition forms are available directly from the BOE or may be downloaded from the Department of Revenue website at

Please be advised that "Faxed" Petitions are acceptable only for the purpose of protecting a deadline to file. You must still submit the original Petition with signature to our office.

The most commonly used forms are:

  • Taxpayer petition for review of real property valuation determination: Form 64 0075e
  • Taxpayer petition for review of personal property valuation determination: Form 640076e
  • Taxpayer petition for review of current use determination: Form 64 0077e

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