Jury Reporting

Jury service is an essential element of our American judicial system. Trial by jury is provided as a constitutional right. Jury service is one of the privileges of citizenship in the United States. Jurors do not need any special skills or legal knowledge. You do, however, need to be able to set aside personal feelings and biases and be willing to keep an open mind before making a decision. A fair and impartial trial and the rendition of a just verdict depend upon the combined efforts of the jurors, the judge, and the lawyers.

There are three levels of jurisdiction in Franklin County; District Court, Municipal Court, and Superior Court. The Courts start new juries each Monday and Wednesday. Please go online via eResponse (link at bottom of page),  or phone 509-537-0112 every Friday evening after 5:30 pm to find out if you are to report. A recording will announce if your candidate number was selected. If your candidate number is not selected to report for Monday, call Tuesday evening to see if your candidate number is selected to report on Wednesday. You will be advised of the length of the trial by the judge when you report to court for jury selection.

What to Wear

There is no formal dress code, but you are in a courthouse and you must dress appropriately for the seriousness of the proceedings.


Clothing that is neat, clean, comfortable, and not revealing. Clothing is worn for an office job or for a job interview. Slacks and a shirt with a collar for men. Dress, skirt or slacks and a blouse for women.

Not Acceptable

Uniforms (e.g., law enforcement, military, medical, work, etc., except when worn for religious reasons). Employer badges or work name tags. T-shirts with logos, graphic T-shirts (T-shirts with words or pictures), or undershirts worn as the top layer of clothing. Beach or athletic wear. Abbreviated clothing (for example, shorts, cut-offs, muscle shirts, halter or tank tops, bare midriffs, exposed undergarments, etc.). See-through clothing. Hats (except when worn for religious reasons).

Also Consider

Dressing in clothing that is not acceptable or that causes disruption to court proceedings may result in an extension of your service term or another sanction. You may spend time in a jury deliberation room, so please do not wear strong fragrances. The courthouse may be chilly - bring a sweater or jacket.

You can also logon to eResponse to verify service or call 509-537-0112.