Jury Duty Notice


When you receive a summons for duty, you must go online as directed on the summons.  When there are complications with the date or with actual service, you should note those concerns via eResponse or by calling 509 537 0112.  

 Answering the summons, and then serving if selected, is a legal obligation. It is one of only a very few obligations we all have as U.S. citizens.
Second, if you or a family member or friend had a civil or criminal case in court, you would certainly want every aspect of the constitutional right to jury trial provided. While no one is entitled to have a jury that consists of twelve people exactly like them, everyone has a constitutional right to have a fair cross-section of the community represented in the pool of people available to be selected as jurors. This means that the profile of the people summoned for jury service should look like our diverse community. People from all walks of life, both genders, different races and ethnic backgrounds, various ages, and different parts of the county should be represented in that pool. If you had a court case, you would want people like yourself in the pool. When you answer the summons, you fulfill that constitutional promise to others. In other words, it’s not fair if you’re not there

Length of Service

On-call for a term of service of two weeks, but you maybe chosen for a trial that goes past the two week term. 

Juror Attestation

If you are 80 years of age or older and are requesting to be excused you must fill out the Juror Attestation of Eligibility and submit to the court for review. 

Juror Attestation

Day Length

Court sessions generally run from 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm There is usually a break each morning and each afternoon.


Jury fees are set by the County Commissioners of each county. Franklin County's current fee is $10 per day of service. Mileage is paid at the State's current rate per mile. Payroll is processed at the end of your term, and jury checks should be received within three weeks of the end of your term.

  • Taxable. Jury fees are reportable on income tax returns under "other income"; however, no IRS forms will be sent to jurors unless they have received over $600 from jury duty.
  • Salary/Wage: $10 per day.