Jury Duty Notice

When you receive a summons for duty, you should fill it out and return it immediately. When there are complications with the date or with actual service, you should write those concerns on the summons before mailing it back to the court. No excuses are allowed through telephone calls.

Length of Service

On-call for a term of service of two weeks.

Day Length

Court sessions generally run from 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm There is usually a break each morning and each afternoon.


Jury fees are set by the County Commissioners of each county. Franklin County's current fee is $10 per day of service. Mileage is paid at the State's current rate per mile. Payroll is processed at the end of your term, and jury checks should be received within three weeks of the end of your term.

  • Taxable. Jury fees are reportable on income tax returns under "other income"; however, no IRS forms will be sent to jurors unless they have received over $600 from jury duty.
  • Salary/Wage: $10 per day.