Solid Waste Management Plan

This 2010 Franklin County Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan replaces the 1992 Benton Franklin Moderate Risk Waste Plan and the 1994 Benton Franklin Solid Waste Management Plan. The 2010 Plan incorporates Moderate Risk Wastes into this integrated plan. The Plan describes past and current practices of solid waste management in Franklin County. It has been prepared in accordance with The Solid Waste Management - Reduction and Recycling Act, Chapter 70.95 of the Revised Code of Washington (CH70.95 RCW). This revision was initiated with the goal of developing a plan exclusive of Benton County as both jurisdictions mutually agreed upon separation on a regional basis with cooperation and coordination on issues that affect both entities.

The Plan was prepared under the direction and guidance of the Franklin County Solid Waste Planning Committee and the Franklin County Department of Public Works. It puts forth alternatives in the form of programs prioritized by the Franklin County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) and other activities to be evaluated during the implementation of this Plan. The SWAC members represent the interests of their agencies and businesses, and as residents and members of the community, they also represent the public's interest. From this membership came current program enhancements, future programs, and future activities of Solid Waste Management in Franklin County.

The SWAC recommended the adoption of the final draft Plan at the March 11, 2010 meeting.

View the Preliminary Draft of the 2010 Franklin County Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF).