Vehicle & Vessel Licensing


  • Get new plates
  • Renew tabs
  • Report a vehicle sale or transfer of ownership
  • Register a boat or vessel
  • Get a replacement title

Fee Schedule - Effective October 1, 2012 Per House Bill 2660

Type of FeeFee
Title Application Fee (Vehicles Only)$15.00
Note: Washington Licensed dealer sales will go by the dealer date of sale
Transfer Penalty Fee$50.00
Assessed on the 16th day after the date of delivery and $2.00 a day thereafter to a maximum of $125.00.
Original issue license plate$10.00 per plate
For new vehicles or vehicles coming in from out of state or country. 

For some specialty plates
Except for Disabled American Veteran plates, Former Prisoner of War, Gold Star, Medal of Honor, Pearl Harbor Survivor, and State and publically owned plates.
Original Issue, motorcycle plate$4.00
Motorcycle replacement plate$4.00