Current Request(s) to Vacate

None at this time.

Transportation Engineering & Planning Services - County Road Vacations

When a county road or any part thereof is considered useless, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners by resolution entered upon its minutes, may declare its intention to vacate and abandon the same or any portion thereof and shall direct the Franklin County Engineer to report upon such vacation and abandonment.

The vacation process shall be completed in accordance with RCW 36.87 Roads And Bridges - Vacation.

Franklin County Road Vacation Process

Estimated Processing Time: 90 to 120 days

  1. Petitioner: Discuss road vacation intentions with Public Works to determine feasibility. Receive Road Vacation Petition and information handouts.
  2. Petitioner: Complete petition form per instructions.
  3. Petitioner: Submit petition and deposit to Public Works department.
  4. Public Works: Review petition and, if complete and acceptable:
    1. Verify the R/W is owned by the County and inspect area - 2 weeks.
    2. Prepare and submit an ASR packet to the Board. Include the petition and map of road to be vacated - 2 weeks.
    3. If the board directs the County Engineer to report on the proposed vacation:
      1. County Engineer shall report on such vacation as detailed in FCC 12.08.040 and RCW 36.87.040 - 1 to 2 weeks.
      2. Distribute a complete packet including the petition, legal description of the right-of-way desired, a map indicating the location of the right-of-way, a vicinity map, a plat map if applicable, and documents showing ownership to the appropriate staff and other jurisdictions - 2 weeks.
    4. The County Engineer will notify the Clerk of the Board for the scheduled time and place for a hearing. It shall be published per FCC 12.08.050. The notice shall be posted for at least 20 days preceding the set date and at each termini of the county road - 4 weeks.
    5. Prepare and submit an ASR packet to the Board. Include the County Engineer's Report and complete cost incurred in making such examination and report. This includes publication and posting costs per FCC 12.08.060 - 2 weeks.
  5. Commissioners: Hold a public hearing and consider the report of the engineer together with any evidence for or against the proposed vacation and vote to grant or deny the vacation. If granted, the road shall be declared vacated and entered in to board minutes.
  6. Public Works: Notice to petitioner of Commission action.
    1. If a refund of a portion of the deposit is due, it is stated in the notice (payment will be issued later by the Auditor's Office). The notice will include a copy of the recorded Order of Vacation.
    2. If a balance is owing, it is stated in the notice and a request for payment is made
  7. Public Works: Upon payment of a balance owning, the Order of Vacation will be recorded, and a copy sent to the interested parties and agencies.
  8. Public Works: Close the file.

For questions concerning the vacation process, please contact our office at 509-545-3514 or by email.