Public Works Divisions

Accounting and Administrative Services

The Accounting and Administrative Services Division supports and serves all divisions of Public Works by maintaining centralized cost accounting functions, oversight and direct support of departmental personnel and payroll activities, preparation and submission of internal and legally mandated reports, and interpretation and distribution of emerging legislative and policy information.

Engineering & Traffic Services Division

The Engineering and Traffic Services Division is responsible for all planning and engineering as it pertains to the maintenance and/or construction of county roads and facilities. This work includes planning (i.e. traffic studies, right-of-way information and support, road logs, pavement management system), permitting, and Geographical Information System (GIS) services. This division provides information and technical support to other Public Works Divisions, County Departments, and the public concerning roads, bridges, drainage, surveys, monuments, subdivisions, and rights-of-way.

Motor Vehicle & Equipment Division

The Motor Vehicle and Equipment Division has responsibility for purchasing and maintaining county vehicles and equipment. This includes Sheriff's Department vehicles, County Road vehicles and equipment, and all pool vehicles.

The Motor Vehicle and Equipment Division also has responsibility for the Public Works Department's communication system. This includes the acquisition, installation, and maintenance of all radio equipment in County Road vehicles.

The Motor Vehicle and Equipment Division is a working capital budget that has the ability to rent to other divisions and sources. The equipment rental rates are established once a year. These rates cover the cost of overhead, equipment replacement, maintenance, and fuel for each piece of equipment.

Road Maintenance & Operation Division

The Road Maintenance and Operation Division's responsibility is to operate the County's road and bridge system which includes 984 miles of roadway (421 gravel, 563 paved), 108 structures (88 bridges, 20 box culverts) through maintenance and preservation activities.

Solid Waste Division

The Solid Waste Division reviews existing conditions regarding waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and disposal activities throughout Franklin County. Our goal is to educate and describe alternatives for maintaining or improving successful recycling programs and implementing new programs, as well as to make recommendations on the most reasonable alternatives. Visit the solid waste site for more information.